Introducing Mildred Walby

The Ogemaw County Herald

Profile: Mildred Walby has been splitting her time between her Lake Ogemaw home and St. Clair Shores for 15 years. An adult education program in St. Clair Shores provided the final push toward a goal she'd long dreamed of - learning to paint.
Mildred Walby started with classes on tole painting, and moved quickly to painting with oils on canvas. Inspired by her first teacher, Maude Anderson, she skipped the usual step of learning to draw first- Anderson was able to bring ou Millie's raw talent and ability to see perspective as it occurs naturally.

Mildred Walby has tuck with 'traditional' oil painting, although she has also dabbled in acrylics. Her subjects range from birds to still life, landscapes to seascapes, floral to fauna.
Her paintings have been exhibited locally at the Ogemaw County Fair, where she has won ribbons.
She joined the CAA a number of years ago when the Christmas Shoppe accepted some of her tole painting.

Comments: Besides exhibiting in the gallery she gets some valuable exposure in tow area restaurants...which her son in law Mike Stuck owns. 'It's nepotism,' Mildred says with a grin 'the good kind'.
'Painting was something I'd always wanted to do, but didn't think I could,' says Mildred Walby. 'Maude says you can do anything you want, just the idea of that was inspiring'
'I like oils because if you make a mistake, you can change it,' she says with a laugh.
'I'm not much on portraits, but I like to do everything else.'
There isn't much else she hasn't tried. She gets her inspiration from other media, such as newspapers, books and cards.
'I like to paint everyday, I'm not saying I do, but I'd like to'.
She admires the work of her fellow CAA members, particularly Eleanor Miller of St. Helen.
'She's a tough act to follow.'
Learning to paint provides a special kind of confidence, a personal achievement that is unique, and a relaxation the is invaluable, she says. 'It's like a minor vacation every time I pick up the brush'

Family: It's easy to understand why she might need a little time off now and then. She and her husband Leonard Walby have ten children. Patrick Walby, Philip Walby, Stephen Walby, Joan Bischoff, Joyce Stuck, Peter Walby, David Walby, Michael Walby, Grace Demand, and Janet Sullivan.